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Bridge Base Online
  • Developer: Bridge Base Online
  • Genre: Card game
  • Version: 5.9.3
User Rating: Rating 4.84

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Release Date
Mar 21, 2012
Bridge Base Online
Bridge Base Online
Card game
Windows PC, Mac, IOS, Android


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Shayaan Mackay

Bridge Base Online is a multiplayer online card game played by more than 2 million players on the internet. You can play against an opponent or join a table with other players. Gameplay is turn based and each player has same time to make their move before their turn is over. There are three rounds in a software product and the winner is the player who has the most points. Is a computer game that is played by two people. It is just like the card software product called Bridge.

It is a browser-based Bridge Base Online game and one of first titles to be developed and released as a browser-based game. It has been widely played as a multiplayer game by many players not just because of its competitiveness but for its simplicity.

Software product is played by two teams, red and blue, who are trying to connect the opposite sides of the river. Players are required to build the bridge by connecting the two sides with wooden blocks. Requires strategy, creativity, and skills to win software product. Software product has three different modes, which are Single Player, Casual, Tournament. Check out more info on the website.

Bridge Base Online videogame is a multiplayer game in which user is alone in a application with other people in real time. Players can play against each other or in teams. Software product is played with the help of a mouse and keyboard. Software product revolves around bidding, playing, declarer. Person can decide to play with computer or with other people.

BBO is a free-to-play card simulation game. You can play Bridge Base Online against a friend or computer opponent. You can play BBO in a multiplayer form by a bridge partner. There are a total of two partners and six bridge opponents to choose from.

BBO, is a multiplayer card game. It is a "bridge-like" game for two or four players. BBO is played against another user or computer. Software product is played with two decks of cards which are shuffled together. Software product is played in 6 rounds, with 6 hands played in each round. The goal of software product is to get points by playing cards to the table. User with most points at end of software product is winner.


Graphics in this application are simple looking. It is mainly in black and white. The cards are in black and white. The board is in black and white. Graphics are not very complicated looking. Has a simple interface that is quite easy to use and graphics are not that detailed. The background is just a plain old white background and the cards and the board are plain and simple. Graphics in Bridge Base Online free are simple and consists of a bridge, cards, a timer. The cards are nicely designed and show different shapes and colors. The timer is a red color with a white outline. The bridge’s design is simple and consists of a white background with a black border.


The gameplay in this game is not very complicated. The person who plays software product is the one who plays the card with the highest card value. Person who plays the card with the higher card value is the one who has the chance to take the bid. Is a multiplayer game and it is played by two players at a time. One player takes role of the defender and the other player takes the role of the dealer. To win software product free Bridge Base Online, the defender must defeat the dealer. The defender must try to defeat dealer by taking as many tricks as possible. The dealer's goal is to defeat defender by taking as few tricks as possible.


The multiplayer in this software product is just like computer game Go. This game download Bridge Base Online has three people. The three people are North player, the East player, the South player. The North player plays against the East person. Can be played in three different modes: Single person, Casual, Tournament. Single Player mode is self-explanatory and Casual is a more relaxed version of software product. Tournament is most intense with the players competing for the championship.


The replayability in this software product is not very high. The replayability is not high because this application is not very complicated. This game is not hard to figure out how to play. It is not hard to learn how to play. Is a game Bridge Base Online download free that can be played over and over without getting old. It is a game that challenges person and keeps them engaged.


  • I just installed Bridge Base Online Windows system, and it doesn't work.
    Windows has a built-in firewall that may interfere with the game. You need to configure the firewall to allow BridgeBase Online to connect to the internet to play the game.
  • I'm playing the game, but I can't move the cards.
    Make sure that you have not selected a card that is blocked from moving by other cards.
  • How do I unlock the next mission?
    Each mission is unlocked by completing the one before it.


Overall, this game is a good game Bridge Base Online play for people who are looking for a game that is not too complicated. Software product is not too hard and not too easy. Software product can be played with other people on internet. Software product is perfect for the player who likes to play games and likes to play games with other people in real time.


  • Simple enough for beginners;
  • Strong simulation of submarine combat;
  • Great for team building;
  • High replay value.


  • Combat is slow;
  • Lack of variety in missions.

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